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EMSYS Medical image capture and Reporting Software
EmSys Capture, user friendly image capture and reporting software solution for medical professionals, can capture and save the video and audio streams from most of the video capture devices like USB capture devices and PCI capture cards. EmSys capture can be easily integrated with hospital information system or configured as a standalone application.
Doctor's Friendly Application
  • All endoscopy procedures can be done.
  • Detailed pre-loaded 'findings' and 'impression' list.
  • Can adjust the print setting as your need, so that the printing cost can be saved.
  • High resolution images in reports.
  • Easy to use, No learning needed.
  • Store/Retrieve patient information and Visit Details
  • Easy and advanced Patient Search
  • Image Capture
    • Images can be captured during recording, preview and playback
    • Images can be stored in various formats including jpeg.
    • Can be stored and retrieved for future use.
    • Can be directly mailed to the patients/referred doctor from the application itself.
    • Foot switch supported.
    • Easy to use image analysis
    Image Cropping
    • Only the cropped area will be printed (Cutting printer cost)
    • User defined crop area
    • Circular/ Rectangular Cropping
    • Saves during image capture or crop printing
    • Images can be cropped, rotated and even swapped in the reports.
    Image Editing
    • Mark images/ spot images
    • Colour lines/spots
    • Easy to edit: MS Paint like interface
    • Print edited image
    • Edit images using familiar tools
    Video Recorder
    • Videos can be stored in various formats like mpeg, avi, wma and mp4
    • Available video sizes : From 32*32 to 1024*768 (All standard video sizes)
    • Brightness, hue, contrast and saturation control
    • Integrated video player
    • Supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM (All analog standards)
    • Foot switch supported
    • Videos can be compressed while saving(Saves disk space)
    • Can be exported to specified folder
    • Delete unwanted videos (Save disk space)
    • Pause\resume options during recording
    • Supports high quality videos (upto 1020p).
    • Video streaming for telemedicine support
    • Videos, images and reports can be viewed from anywhere through HIS.
    • Frame count, frame rate of delivered and dropped frames
    • Deinterlacing (half size and full size)
    • Hardware and software rendering, such that image is of best available quality
    • Video transparency.
    • Chroma key.
    • Video rotation 90, 180, 270
    • top-down and left-right mirroring.
    • Brightness, contrast, saturation and hue control.
    • Inverted colors.
    • Greyscale.
    • Play video clips or audio clips
    • play static images
    • play RTSP or RTMP URLs (requires the optional RTSP/RTMP source filter)
    • DVD playback
    • Playlist
    • Seekbar/Trackbar control
    • Playback at any speed, forward or backward
    • Fast seeking, forward or backward
    • Synchronization of several Emsys Video player components
    • Plays streaming sources
    • Supports AVISynth scripts - perform image processing and apply overlays on video clips or static images
    • Video streaming, directly to the internet, from the platform running EmSys Capture.
    • Indirectly through a publishing point on a Windows Media Server.
    • Authentication supported.


    • Capture audio to selected audio devices.
    • Captured audio files can be converted to multiple formats.
    • Supports even multiple devices.

    • One click reporting with images.
    • Reports in different formats: Excel, bmp, jpeg, xml, rtf, pdf etc.
    • Reports can be printed, exported to pdf or even uploaded directly to Patient Database.
    • Reports and the procedure videos/images are available from anywhere, anytime.
    • Reports can be mailed directly to the patients.

Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd