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Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Delivering innovative, comprehensive, cost effective and efficient business solutions leveraging cutting edge proven technology to our customers, to support attain their organisational goals.

To be recognised as technology innovators who endeavour for the benefit and betterment of human society
  emysys' IT solutions, Technology and Business Process Outsourcing services help you accelerate innovation and maximize value from your IT investments.
Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Enriched with years of solid experience and reputation in custom software development, the highly


Emysys’ website/portal development group is adept at latest web technologies


Acquaint business capabilities, implement best practices, improve business process, reduce operation cost and deliver high quality technology enabled business solutions on time.

Time is precious, and we understand the value of your time. Efficient and at the same time effective implementation of software applications requires control over every aspect of software development. Proper identification of business needs is essential to deliver the right solution. A Team of highly skilled experience professionals with understanding of business processes are not only needed to implement the right solution, but also to precisely identify the need of the organisation. We understand that development of software adhering to the latest SDLC model is essential for a successful delivery. However, we believe that development practices should be bespoken to enhance and suit the operation environment. We measure our success on the basis of timely fulfilment of our customer’s business requirement.

Our approach aims to maximise the benefits to our customers. We understand the competition faced by our customers and so our focus is not only limited to deliver high quality, cost effective software, but also to deliver quickly so that the time to market is reduced.

Managing software projects not only focus on meeting the objectives, but also in mitigating unavoidable risks and to defeat the constraints faced during the execution of the project. We have deployed mature management processes, processes, tools and techniques which are recommended as best practices in the industry. Our project management processes are based on principle and framework defined by “Microsoft Solution Framework” and “Project Management Body of Knowledge”.



Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Emysys Technologies Pvt.Ltd